Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sam Whiskers

Sam and his sister Josette came to me in December 1994 when they were about 3 months old, their previous owner didn't want them anymore. Josette was diminutive, friendly and cuddly. Sam hid behind the sofa for 2 days. When I would feed them Josette would push Sam away until she was done, they had come with a double sided dish and I tried splitting their food so each had a side of the dish, Josette would put her paw on Sam's head to he couldn't eat. Sam was the quiet one but so you didn't notice that he had just shredded the multipack of toilet paper until it was just a pile of confetti. Or when he sliced open the bag of birdseed so he could play "hockey" with the sunflower seeds. Sam was afraid of his own shadow, if the neighbors slammed the car door he headed for the basement. For years I tried to get him to sleep on the bed with me and finally last year I found him curled up by my feet in the morning. Cats always start to do something new just before it's time for them to leave us. Sam traveled to the Rainbow Bridge early Monday morning. I will miss him very much.