Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kittens Week 2

Last week I got a mom cat and 4 kittens for fostering. Mom was found at the Amesbury Stop & Shop with her kittens in one of the planters. My theory is that she was dumped off, did not know how to find food then had her kittens in the best place she could find. She was skinny when she was found and ate 2 cans of food right off. She is still eating well but will leave some for later now that she realizes it will come on a regular basis.
First are photos from last week when she came to me, the kittens were about 1wk old then.

These photos were taken Sept 27, their eyes are open and they are starting to figure out what their legs are for.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Minute Man National Park 50th Anniversary Gala

Last night, Sept 20 was the Minute Man National Historic Park 50th anniversary gala in Lexington. Great evening with lots of familar faces, some of whom I actually can attach a name to. The night started with snacks and drinks and lots of people

Then everyone moved into the hall with all the re-enactors entering to the tunes of the Middlesex County Volunteers. Doris Kerns Goodwin was the keynote speaker, very dark photo but it's hard to get a photo when there are photographers taking candids of those of us in costume and I didn't want one of me using my camera.

Then there was dancing...

Colors in Spinning

I've found that every spinner has a favorite fiber pusher...I mean vendor. Mine is Sereknity I love her colors, I can't resist buying more even though I have more fiber and yarn than I will use in this lifetime (SABLE-stash aquisition beyond life expectancy). So last year I saw her colorway Wildside and had to have it, my first Sereknity fiber.
I don't like to ply the fancy fiber to itself, I like to ply it with another color or fiber. I spun one bump of the Wildside with turquoise wool and another with white. Boy did I get very different yarns. I'm thinking maybe a sweater with the colors starting dark and getting lighter. We'll see.

Time Warp II: Mr Moose

All those wildlife photos of moose made me long to see a moose, a real moose not just Mr. Moose from Captain Kangaroo who used to like to bounce ping pong balls much to the annoyance of the Captain, but a real moose. I saw a stuffed moose at LL Bean in Freeport and a dead moose on the median of I-93 in New Hampshire while on my way to the 5th anniversary memorial service for the Old Man of the Mountain. (I still miss my Old Man).

For several years now I have been finding moose scat in the yard but never got to see the moose. Just moose manure... Until this July. It was my lunch break, 1:15pm and I came into the living room and looked out the slider and saw a very large land mammal way in the back yard. At first I was wondering what Buffy the horse was doing out there but then remembered Buffy was dead, so what was dead Buffy doing in the yard, wait a minute, wrong color. Must be a large deer I thought, but there was no big black nose just a big round brown nose, round ears and a swishing tail... Well, Mr Moose saw me move in the door and disappeared off into the swamp. I still find vegitation eaten down to knee height unlike the deer who eat it to the ground but have not seen him again. Maybe he'll be back when I can get a photo of him.

Time Warp-What I should have posted in July

I have been quite lax about posting here so now I'm going to try to catch up...
For the past couple of years I've spent the 4th of July with the Island Pond Spinners at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth NH The program on the 4th is great fun, a really great place to spend the 4th. They start out with a naturalization ceremony, gives you a warm feeling to see people become Americans on our country's birthday. Could have sworn I had a photo of the other spinners but guess I missed that one.

I did get a photo, unflattering though it may be, of one of the costumed interpreters portraying the 1940s. Other's in costume were a Rosie the Riveter look alike and kids in 50's garb playing hula hoop.

And of course my friends Dot and Lee Fisher, AKA Dr and Mrs Jackson and "daughter".

Always fun to meet up with is my favorite basket
maker, Fred Lawson of Wicker'd Good Baskets

I got home around 6 and as promised my wonderful neighbor Lisa had saved me a dish from their cookout. The concert preceding the fireworks looked lame so instead I parked by the golf course and watched the fireworks from there. All in all a great 4th.