Monday, September 21, 2009

Time Warp II: Mr Moose

All those wildlife photos of moose made me long to see a moose, a real moose not just Mr. Moose from Captain Kangaroo who used to like to bounce ping pong balls much to the annoyance of the Captain, but a real moose. I saw a stuffed moose at LL Bean in Freeport and a dead moose on the median of I-93 in New Hampshire while on my way to the 5th anniversary memorial service for the Old Man of the Mountain. (I still miss my Old Man).

For several years now I have been finding moose scat in the yard but never got to see the moose. Just moose manure... Until this July. It was my lunch break, 1:15pm and I came into the living room and looked out the slider and saw a very large land mammal way in the back yard. At first I was wondering what Buffy the horse was doing out there but then remembered Buffy was dead, so what was dead Buffy doing in the yard, wait a minute, wrong color. Must be a large deer I thought, but there was no big black nose just a big round brown nose, round ears and a swishing tail... Well, Mr Moose saw me move in the door and disappeared off into the swamp. I still find vegitation eaten down to knee height unlike the deer who eat it to the ground but have not seen him again. Maybe he'll be back when I can get a photo of him.

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