Friday, October 12, 2012

St Distaff Day in Westford

In England, as well as other countries the days from Christmas through Twelfth Night were considered a time of rest from the labors of spinning. The maidens returned to their work on St. Distaff's Day, January 7th. This day was also known as Rock Day, which is derived from the German word rocken, which means both distaff and woman's.

Although the maidens resumed their work on St. Distaff's Day, the ploughboys did not return until the Monday following Twelfth -Night. They used this discrepancy to no good by playing pranks on the busy spinners. The most popular of these pranks was to set fire to the tow and flax which was awaiting processing. The spinners in turn would quench the fire with buckets of water, drenching both fire and firebug.

We will celebrate St Distaff Day on Sunday January 5, 2020 from 1-5pm. Bring your spinning and those leftover Holiday goodies to share and the museum will put on the coffee pot. There will be a silent auction of some special items to benefit our hosts at the museum and lots of spinning and chatting!   Doors open at 1pm, sorry no early birds.

The Westford Museum is located in the original Westford Academy school house, built in 1792. With the opening of the new Westford Academy building in 1897, the old academy building was used as a residence until 1917 when it was then moved across and down the street and converted to a firehouse and used by the Westford Fire Department until 1974.

Directions:  Westford Museum 2 Boston Road Westford, MA 01886 Take exit 32 off Rt. 495. From the Southbound exit ramp, turn left onto Boston Road towards Westford Center or From the Northbound exit ramp, turn right onto Boston Road towards Westford Center. Drive 1 mile and the Museum is on the right, next to the Parish Center for the Arts.

A word on parking: the museum lot is small so if you are able please park
around the corner. There is also parking in a lot behind the Town Hall
further down the street. You can drop off the wheel first and then park.

What to bring: 
• Your wheel or spindle, and fiber (assuming you want to spin!)
• Something for the silent auction to benefit the Westford Museum (optional) 
• Snack to share (optional) • Cash or checkbook for your silent auction purchases
• A skein of handspun yarn for some fun and games (Your yarn will not be harmed in any way!)

See satellite map at: which show the museum and
the parking behind the town hall and library.

Further reading on St. Distaff Day: 

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